January 7, 2020

I want to encourage you to not take your eyes off “Increase 2020.”  The Prophetic word that was first presented to us is also for the flock that we serve. God has been impressing on my spirit that the children of each flock will increase in every aspect as they begin to increase spiritually, within their soul (see 3 John 1:2). But it starts with us, we set the example. As we walk in the PROPHETIC and increase according to the promise of God, the people will witness it and they too will increase. 


I emphasize “prophetic”, so that we may guard our hearts and minds from limiting what God said. Increase is here, it is for every aspect of our lives, it will manifest itself as we move in faith! Look at the example of Jesus; first He increased, then the church grew! “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52). 


As it was with the oil that flowed from the top of Aaron’s head to his beard and his garments, so will it be with you and the saints that you serve. They will be beneficiaries of the overflow of that anointing to INCREASE! 


Wake up every morning in 2020 with increase on your agenda! 


Increase your engagement with the saints

  • This will allow them to receive from you the oil that overflows

  • It will solidify the relationships (the platform of ministerial growth) 

  • It will ignite their passion and resilience to serve 

  • It will increase their passion to win souls

  • It will produce unity and like-mindedness 


Increase your sphere (circle) 

  • This will increase your contacts and connections

  • This will open doors 

  • This will increase your territory 

  • This will make you visible 

  • It will draw souls to your ministry 


Increase your vision 

  • Look for the houses you did not build

  • Look for churches you did not plant 

  • Look for new financial streams of income (personal and ministry) 

  • Look for philanthropists (God is sending them, they are on their way)

  • Look for overflow


Do not delay. Do not hesitate. Do not move with fear. The devourer has been rebuked! Walk in faith. Walk in authority. Take what is rightfully yours. “YOU ARE AS BOLD AS A LION AND AS FEARLESS AS A WARRIOR!